Lucky Dip Dates (only for the spontaneous…)

Lucky Dip Dates-4

We’d like to introduce you to our lucky dip dates where we invite you to take the plunge into Bristol’s weird and wonderful date ideas and experiences.

The one rule is that you book your dates blind and let us take care of planning the finer details.

Choose your price bracket (£40, £50, £60, £75, £100, £150) and the time and date you’d like to go on your date, then sit back as we rustle up a barnstormer of an experience for you and your better half.

You could end up whiskey tasting or on a DJ lesson, or both – who knows!?

One thing is for sure and that is that you will be REWARDED for your bravery.

Not only will you be rewarded by the fact that you’ll be doing something completely different to the run of the mill dates so many of us have previously been used to, but you’ll also be rewarded literally too with free perks and upgrades.

Some of the perks include (but are not limited to):

  • Private chauffeur to your date
  • Bottles of bubbly and extra cocktails
  • Exclusive discounts other date experiences
  • Free kiss coupons
  • …and plenty more surprises

So now, the question remains. Are you brave enough to roll the dice?

Check out our lucky dip dates here.



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