A lucky dip date with DateMakers…

I’m not normally a gambling man, but last weekend I put my fate (and my better half’s fate!) in the hands of the team at DateMakers HQ…

Before telling you about the date that I had organised on my behalf, it might be helpful to explain what drove me to make such an impulsive decision.

Firstly, I’m one of the world’s least imaginative individuals. Having browsed DateMakers website I concluded that these guys have clearly cracked the dating scene. Secondly, it made me appear romantic! When I told my partner that we had a mystery date, I seemed like boyfriend #1. Finally, the website made promises of extra rewards. I’m clearly both cheap and uncreative.

Prior to the date, we set off for a coffee in central Bristol excited to find out what we were going to be doing. I was struck by a wave of anxiety as I remembered seeing a date for an outdoor mud assault course online. My girlfriend had spent a typically excessive amount of time getting ready and to subject her to a day of crawling around in the mud on a cold November evening would certainly not have worked in my favour.

Having finished our coffees and breakfast we received a bespoke envelope from the team at DM HQ (cupid in human form – Joe) detailing the day they had laid out for us. Our first port of call was Roll for the Soul There we were kitted out with two bikes (including locks etc.), a customised DateMakers cycle path and some blue sky.


We set off with haste aiming to stop at all the suggested watering holes on our map before we reached the second ‘phase’ of our lucky dip date. We found ourselves at 3 of Bristol Harbour’s many local attractions: M-Shed, The Grain Barge, and The Pickle Underfall Yard. All three of which we would have not normally considered ourselves, let alone all in one day! After soaking up some of Bristol’s rich history, culture and beer, we had pedaled up an appetite for our 2.30pm booking at Sholay’s Indian Kitchen; at the relatively recently renovated Wapping Wharf.

Luckdip (2).JPG

We locked up our bikes and were warmly welcomed with two Indian Mojitos (included in the date along with two mains, and a sharing side). The food and location were the perfect break from our bipedal morning. We shared chicken curry, rice, Sholay’s take on potato Dahl and lamb kebab. Suitably watered, fed and rested, we returned our bikes to Roll for the Soul and the date was (officially) over. But that did not stop us from enjoying the local sites at Christmas Steps (more bars…).

Now seems a suitable time to admit I chose the lowest price bracket (let’s really hope my girlfriend doesn’t see this). Despite my frugalness, having our whole day planned for us in advance, with no idea what I was actually doing was a brilliantly novel take on dating

Here’s to hoping I get the helicopter tour next time around…

Many thanks to the Cupid’s at DM HQ, well worth it.


If you want to make like Charlie, you can check out all of the lucky dip dates right here.


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