30 non-alcoholic​ date ideas for those taking part in Dry January…

So, for those who have stayed strong and are halfway through Dry Jan, we thought we’d let you know that you can still go on some alternative dates that don’t involve copious amounts of alcohol!

We’ve got over 30 date ideas and experiences that DON’T involve alcohol. ‘Sans alcohol’ as they say across the channel. We wanted to share six of our favourite non-boozy dates, so that Dry Jan doesn’t stop you from enjoying yourself.

For those who are having a WET JAN, take a look at our list of Bristol’s best boozy dates here.

Copy of love2-4.png

Fight back at the Jan blues and release your inner Viking. You’ll be guided by qualified instructors, throwing a range of knives and axes at wood targets. Let some steam off and become axe-wielding masters. One thing is for sure – you won’t be a couple to be messed with…


Go get some fresh air! The tandem bicycle was practically made to facilitate great dates and we think that it’s the best mode of transport to explore Bristol’s hidden treasures. Why not take a ride around the harbour and stop off for some food from Lovett Pies whilst you’re at it?

street art

New year, new me, new skill? What else would you want to do on a date in the home of street art except for experimenting with a couple of spray cans? Please don’t try and impress your date by wearing your best glad rags – they won’t last long!


Another new skill, why not get down on the potter’s wheel and recreate that famous scene from Ghost? Get to grips with the basics of pottery and create a few mementoes. This date is a great way to get some new mugs and coasters, without heading to the shops.


Ease your way into 2018 with a relaxing date night where you don’t even have to leave the house. Enjoy all the wonderful relaxing benefits of two x 30-minute massages in the comfort of your own surroundings.


Dreaming of being the headline DJ at next year’s New Year’s Eve? The date takes place at Basement 45, on their DJ equipment. It means that you’ll effectively be getting a set at your own private club. This might test your dry January resolve as you’ll have to opt for soft drinks instead of cocktails unless you are not taking part in dry Jan of course!

So for those looking for something to do that doesn’t involve a trip to the bar, I think we have got you covered!

Congrats for making it this far, and good luck for the following two weeks.

You can plan any of these dates in just a couple of clicks at DateMakers. We have over 55 of Bristol’s best date ideas and experiences to choose from, so take a look.

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