DateMakers Gift Cards… The perfect Valentine’s present?!

Your Valentine’s present sorted… 

We are excited to share our brand new gift cards with you, and they are here just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This gift really is a WIN-WIN, you get your Valentine’s present sorted, and you get to share it.

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The DateMakers Gift Card can be put towards over 55 of Bristol’s best date ideas and experiences.

You could use the gift card to go french spirit tasting, learn to paint, visit an alpaca farm, or even fly over your own house in a helicopter.

It’s super simple to order a gift card and you can top it up with £30, £50, £75 or £100.

Once you’ve checked out, we will send all the info you need to know and send your e-card (we can also arrange it to be printed and posted on request if you would prefer a hard copy).

So…what are you waiting for?

Our dates are significantly more fun than queueing in line at Pandora’s, and more thoughtful than a box of chocolates and flowers from the local petrol station…


Click Here to buy a Gift Card


Alternatively, you could become the decision maker and choose any of our 55 date ideas for yourself. Keep an eye out for our Valentine’s Day Date Guide which is sure to give you some inspiration for the big day.

We have over 55 of Bristol’s best date ideas and experiences and they can all be found at DateMakers.

Happy dating!


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