We’ve got some fun new dates for you…


Give Cupid’s arrow a chance- the ancient art of Archery is a great way to put yourself in loves path. Learn how to shoot straight to the heart at our newly listed date experience, Archery.

Your instructor will get you started on our traditional bullseye targets so you can get to grips with using a bow and arrow.

Then, for an authentic hunting experience you will move on to our woodland animal targets in our woodland, where you will find targets such as deer, small rabbits, wild boar and other hidden woodland wildlife. (Don’t worry! no Bambi’s will be hurt in this experience!)Archery 1


Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Cocktails 

We’ve all come to love a cheeky cocktail, but not many of us have had the opportunity to experience a liquid nitrogen cocktail experience.

Try the future of cocktail making first hand with our friends at Brozen Bar! Invent your own cocktails and freeze them in this new unbelievable gastronomic experience!

At this new, and quirky date idea you’ll be taken through the process of making, freezing, and tasting cocktails, before being allowed to unleash your own tantalising creations!


Quad Biking

Have you got the need for speed? Test your agility round the bends with the 300cc KYMCO custom sport quads… and see what your partner is made of!

You get to experience a whole range of terrains, from dirt tracks to tarmac roads and even woodland.

You will then be guided around the track and will complete a series of challenges, such as a slalom, steep hills and tight bends.

bac photo.jpg

You can plan any of these dates in just a couple of clicks at DateMakers. We have over 55 of Bristol’s best date ideas and experiences to choose from, so take a look.


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